A common man and his friends

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An Odd

I started writing this poem in the midst of December 2019. But was able to write only first two lines of this poem. By that time, I wasn't able to focus on my writing things and I think, I'm still figuring it out for this part. But the actual thing is... I really miss this... Continue Reading →


  This scene seems to be so delight, Tonight "The Moon" looks even more bright, And, I wanna capture the whole scenario in one sight, Yes! I think, 'In chase of the moon, I fell in love with the moonlight'. You're far away from me like this moon, I crawled everywhere for you as a... Continue Reading →

The Moon and You

  All the promises we had discussed, Faded, and some of them are in rust, Those feelings never got off of me, The way we were curious for each other to see, The thought I'm abandoned, doesn't scare me, but your love was a lie does, Still carrying this heavy feeling inside me, And believe... Continue Reading →


तुम्हारी इबारत उस धीमी जली आग की तपिश सी है, जो इस सुन्न सर्द अंधेरी रात में मुझे जिंदा रखे हुए है। मगर न जाने क्यों इस मौसम को हमारा साथ रास नहीं आता। वो तरह-तरह के पैंतरे आज़माता है, मेरा आखिरी सहारा छिनने के लिए। वो भड़काता इन हवा के झोंकों को, मुझे बेसहारा... Continue Reading →

A Good Bye Kiss

Navi was waiting for Riya. After sometime,  Riya came, but she wasn't happy as usual. Then Navi asked, "What happened, why you called me urgently?" Riya's attention was not in Navi's questions. She was quite. And Navi was questioning her continuously, then,  Suddenly Riya said, "I wanna ask you something". Her frequent reaction brought Navi's... Continue Reading →


​उनकी शक करने की आदत भी कमाल की है यारों  मैं तुम्हें क्या बताऊँ।  अभी एक पल भी नहीं हुआ अलग हुए।  और हम बेवफा करार कर दिए गए।।  ©thekushofficial

सागर और बादल

​बादल गये सागर के पास, लेने कुछ बूंदें उधार।  कहा उन बूंदों से,  करूंगा जग का उद्धार।।  सुनकर बादल के विचार,  सागर हुआ हैरान।  सोचा लेता हूँ इसका इम्तिहान,  और किया सवालों से परेशान।।  ओह मुर्ख बादल.....  तू क्यों उनपर बूंदें बरसाता है।  जबकि तेरा तो कोई गुण भी नहीं गाता है।।  बरस जाए दो... Continue Reading →

An Old Empty House

A house without family is like a flower without fragrance, a sun without shine, a tree without fruits, and a person without hope. it's existence doesn't matter. We all are running behind "more and more", can't we live a simple life style. Then why show off, Why ? An Old Empty House This title gathers... Continue Reading →


​हमें भी सीखा दो, वो गम मिटाने का तरीका। वो यादें भुलाने का तरीका।। शायद कम ही हो जाए। दिल से, तन्हाइयों का शरीका।। ©thekushofficial

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