An Old Empty House

A house without family is like a flower without fragrance, a sun without shine, a tree without fruits, and a person without hope. it’s existence doesn’t matter. We all are running behind “more and more”, can’t we live a simple life style. Then why show off, Why ?

An Old Empty House

This title gathers all that pain through which this house is going. Now its time to also explore that pain. The pain of loneliness, the pain of being alone for a long period. From my childhood, I always thought about this edifice situated in front of our home, But my thoughts were not good for that edifice. I hated it from starting. But now my mind is changed about it after giving ear to it’s story. Its a showery day, i thought, this day will also be going to be like other days. My grandma and mum said,”arrange the slabs of house”. Unwillingly, i have to go. When I went to there then stayed for a minute and gave look to that edifice. It’s blobby walls, broken slabs and putrefy windows is giving the feeling of old ziggurat (useless one). i went inside, and found old broken useless things. After shoot, I arranged the slabs and then again started thinking about the edifice. Instantly I heard a tremor voice of someone,”Stop calling me Edifice”. For a sec, I was scared, “who’s there”.

Tremor voice- Not useless.

Now, I was really scared. “who are you”,asked.

Tremor voice- You human are unkind and mean.

Then, I realized that, its the edifice whose answering me.

Again that tremor voice- I already told you that i’m not an edifice.

Okay, Okay I’ll not call you with that word. But tell me one thing,”you can talk???”.

Tremor voice- Yes I can. What do you human think only you can talk and exist in this world, mean people.

The way of his answers clearly shows his vexation. “why you are talking to me like this???”.

Tremor voice- No other way you mean guy left for me.

“Wow old building has an attitude”.

Tremor voice- yes, learnt it from humans, And what do you know about my history hannnn!

How could it read my mind,thinking, “Then tell me”.


(Tremor voice) – Years ago, your family used to live her. Your grandpa, grandma, your father, uncle and aunt they all lived here together. Your father’s all old childhood memories held by me. I saw them standing on their feet. They played different kinds of games now you kids never heard that names. But one entertainment you all done here, is Hammock dangling.

“Hammock dangling??”, me.

Tremor voice – yes! don’t you remember??

Yes, I do. tell me next.(How could I forget only this one is the special memory about us all brothers and sisters.)

Tremor voice – I can clearly hear you….(in teasing tone)

Then what, I already told you, don’t read my mind. okay….

Tremor voice – Sorry, but I can’t. It’s my speciality.

For a while, we talked to each other, but at last The Tremor Voice questioned me that turned the chat to a fullstop.

Tremor voice – Can I ask you something?

Ya sure, why not. ask.

Tremor voice – What I did wrong to you? Why you hate me? and calls me edifice. Don’t I have right to be called a house because I’m empty? Or my cracked walls are the reason? or my broken slabs are the reason? Please, today you have to tell me.

For a moment I had no idea what to say, I had no words , that voice left me speechless. But from inside his questions were moving around my mind. Now after that chat my all thoughts about it changed. My thinking was so wrong about it. I felt guilty of my all behavior and felt sorry. Then, I decided to not call it an edifice and named “An Old Empty House”.

Article – Kushdeep Singh



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  1. You are very young (I am quite ancient!) and show a lot of promise! I love the first paragraph of The House story: “A house without family is like a flower without fragrance, a sun without shine, a tree without fruits, and a person without hope. Its existence doesn’t matter. We all are running behind more and more. Can’t we live a simple life? Why show-off; why?”

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