An Odd

I started writing this poem in the midst of December 2019. But was able to write only first two lines of this poem. By that time, I wasn’t able to focus on my writing things and I think, I’m still figuring it out for this part. But the actual thing is… I really miss this part of mine.

So, when this COVID-19 disease came in front of the whole world and we all got panic for a while. We all found this year some how depressing and full of negativity. And it was obvious, I mean we lost our normal social touch with everyone, got locked up in single room. For people like me, It was no big deal. But. only for few months. In starting, I really enjoyed those days then it started feel like I’m living in a dungeon, damn isolation.

During those months, I faced my inner self of negativity. But in those tough times, writing was the only thing that helped me as always. I poured down each thought with each word on note sheet. I know some people may find it inappropriate to share it in public as a bad influence. But, I think I do want it to be an influence in a positive way. It helped me outgrow from my inner self in those moments. And I believe we all have that one thing in ourselves that makes us strong to “KEEP GOING ON”.

Believing in what I believe… Here’s my poem “An Odd”. I hope you like it.


Sometimes, it feels like I don’t belong to this galaxy,

And just wish if I had an intergalactic taxi,

So, I could escape from this mess,

Where every single one is playing

Like they are part of chess,



Some reasons to stay


Some reasons to betray

But that doesn’t matter anymore

I’m standing on the edge of a shore

A shore, of hope

But now, I’m nearly on dope

The water waves are striking my bare feet

And heading back to the ocean

Maybe it is a sign of nature

Or maybe it’s my another notion

Yet another day has been passed

Without knowing where about of last

Just want this mess to be real quick and fast

But life doesn’t have mercy on any one

For a moment, it’s everything

And for another, it’s all broken

Facing for so long,

Fading like rust.

If fades,


Happens as stardust.



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