A Good Bye Kiss

Navi was waiting for Riya. After sometime,  Riya came, but she wasn’t happy as usual. Then Navi asked, “What happened, why you called me urgently?”

A small art by TheKushOfficial

Riya’s attention was not in Navi’s questions. She was quite. And Navi was questioning her continuously, then,  Suddenly Riya said, “I wanna ask you something”. Her frequent reaction brought Navi’s questions to a full stop. He just smiled and said,”why not my sweet heart you don’t need any kind of permission to say. You are my princess and princess orders, so ask what you want”. For a little time Riya kept silence and her silence was scaring Navi.

Navi – Riya what happened baby just tell me, is there any problem.

Riya – no no nooo … there is no problem. but actually… there is. I wanna ask you something, what if I tell you that it is the last time of us together and we will never ever going to see each other again. And what if I asked you to wish something from me to do for you last time as adieu but if i round offed that wish then you have to promise me to not ask anything related to that.

After listening to Riya, Navi was amazed he didn’t said anything and suddenly started laughing loudly.

Riya – Navi, Navi I questioned you something, answer me.

Navi – Are you serious. what..what will be my last wish (repeated her question with continuous laugh).

Riya – yes! I am serious.

Now he took Riya’s words for real. So he turned around and said only two words, “A Kiss”. He said these words because he knew that Riya can’t do this. Because she is a typical type of girl, she prefers these things after marriage. In according to Navi’s knowing it was difficult for Riya.

So then he turns back towards Riya, and she stood in front of him, both were looking into each others eyes. Now Navi was feeling uncomfortable.

Riya stretched up her feet to kiss him. She closed her eyes and slowly brought her lips near to his. Now both of them can hear each other’s warm breaths. Riya kissed him. After the kiss she moved and didn’t gave a look behind to Navi.

Navi wasn’t able to ask anything to stop her because she already bonded him with her promise.

Then he realized that the kiss was not “A Kiss”.

It was “A Good Bye Kiss“.

Story Teller:  Kushdeep Singh




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  1. The story line is perfect, i just think the story is too short that it doesn’t serve poetic justice. I am suggesting an extension of this Goodbye Kiss… i’m curious, i wanna know where the girl is going & why, i think Niva deserves to know too.

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